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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Zorro will be watching from afar!

The lovely Mrs Zorro is taking Zorro away for a few days and so won’t be in a position to blog over this weekend.

Once we are returned fully refreshed Zorro will return to posting on the blog and will no doubt be turning a keen eye to the outcome (gosh, won’t that be a surprise!) of the joint meeting of East Devon District Council’s Overview & Scrutiny Committee and the Audit & Governance Committee as they consider the future of the Knowle.

STOP PRESS: 12March joint meeting of Overview & Scrutiny and Audit & Governance Committee overwhelmingly support Cabinet recommendation to sell the Knowle and relocate its Headquarters. Absolutely no surprise there. Things can't go on like this on the District Council!

 Zorro is sure that over this weekend you will be able to keep updated at a number of local web/blog sites, including –

Councillor Claire Wright –

Councillor Susie Bond –

East Devon Watch –

East Devon Alliance –

Save Our Sidmouth –

East Devon Conservatives – oops, sorry that was a mistake everything on their site is so out of date!

Never the less, Zorro will be following the District Council and its Conservative majority group’s impending activities over the future of the Knowle from his getaway!

It’s time for change! It’s time for challenge!

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