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Monday, 30 March 2015

Independents - vote in change! Vote out chaos!

Voting on 7 May can bring change to East Devon
Zorro's quick reminder about the East Devon District Council elections and the general election on 7 May. It's now only 37 days until polling day in both sets of elections. So in case you needed any guidance on how to bring about much needed change locally -

East Devon Alliance & Claire Wright. A District Council & Parliamentary winning combination
District Council elections - remember how the Conservative majority group have handled things over the past years. Recall the shenanigans over the Local Plan? We are still waiting for it after all this time, effort and cost. Remember how thousands marched on EDDC to protest about the Council's original proposals?  Recall the way the decision was taken  to sell off the Knowle? Remember how only in the past couple of weeks the Conservative majority group steamrollered through the decision to relocation from Sidmouth to Exmouth and Honiton?

East Devon Alliance is fielding candidates across East Devon. This time there is a clear choice other than Conservative. Details of East Devon Alliance candidates are available at the EDA website
Get angry! Get even!
East Devon Alliance - Independents for change!
General election - for the past 5 years Hugo Swire has been the Conservative MP for East Devon. Where has Hugo been for all that time? What has he been saying about the key local issues? If you are satisfied with the answers that you can give yourself to these questions then Hugo remains the person that you are likely to vote for.

However, if you either can't satisfactorily answer the questions then Hugo probably isn't the candidate that you should put a cross against on the ballot paper.

Hugo Swire. Electors can bang the auctioneer's hammer on 7 May
Until a year ago it seemed as if Hugo would have no meaningful opposition at the polls. That was until local Independent District and County Councillor Claire Wright announced that she was going to stand in the general election. Claire Wright is now the only challenger to Hugo who has a realistic chance of beating him. Ladbrokes give Claire wright's odds on winning at 6/1. Not bad for someone that Hugo Swire claimed would bring chaos to politics!

Claire Wright. Ready to be East Devon's Independent MP
If you don't want to vote for the Conservative candidate then don't! If you were thinking of voting for a candidate from either the Liberal Democrats, the Greens or the Labour Party don't either. None of their candidates will beat Hugo. They can however let Hugo in by splitting the anti-Conservative vote.

It say's it all
If you want to know what Claire Wright's manifesto in the general election is, follow this link If you want to watch a two minute summary by Claire Wright on why she is standing in the general election catch her on YouTube
It’s time for change! It’s time for challenge!

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