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Monday, 19 January 2015

UKIP leaflet - says nothing about East Devon issues!

For any of you across East Devon who thought that UKIP were not serious about fighting this seat in this year’s general election, well you were so wrong! UKIP have delivered us its latest election leaflet!

Well, the phrase “delivered” is used in its most loose terminology as it came free with this week’s edition of the Sidmouth Herald. Perhaps UKIP’s local supporters are not as spritely on their feet as they used to be, or perhaps Laurie Brownlee and his coterie of local Kippers are not as numerous as UKIP’s national machine (i.e. Nigel Farage) likes to make out. Hence the reason why the leaflet is paid to be “delivered” via our local press, rather than finding its way through our front doors.

If you would like to see what UKIP are saying locally in this election, and you didn’t get your copy of the Sidmouth Herald, then you can see it here -

As you can read the UKIP election leaflet, issued on behalf of long standing and esteemed local East Devon resident Andrew Chapman (yes I know I have no idea who he is either!), clearly is just a generic national UKIP leaflet which allows local UKIP candidates to insert their name (handy so that we can remember who he is), photograph (handy so that we know what he looks like) and where UKIP will be delivering its pernicious thoughts on, mainly immigration and Europe.

If there is nothing on tv, and UKIP are holding one its events near to you, why not pop along and get a “selfie” with Andrew Chapman? Zorro is happy to print any “selfies” that he receives.

Try asking UKIP and Andy what their views are on key local issues such as the Local Plan or the relocation of the Knowle because I don’t recall hearing or seeing anything from them on these issues that have dominated local politics for the past couple of years. And look hard at their leaflet and try and find any reference to any local issues. Try as hard as you will but you will be unable to, because UKIP are not a local force in politics and it clearly has no views on what local matters.

If you find out their views on these issues drop Zorro a tweet and I will publish what they say. I won’t hold my breath though!

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  1. You might also try asking what part they have taken in protesting about Exmouth seafront development, and Elizabeth Hall. I'm in one of their photos re Elizabeth Hall- but don't remember any input from them or Mr Chapman