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Friday, 23 January 2015

Twissing the knife into EDDC's democracy - voting can change this

Zorro is interested to see the story in the Express and Echo newspaper about an allegation that EDDC has been inconsistent in how it has responded to complaints against some of its Councillors.

In the story a resident has complained to EDDC Chief Executive, Mark Williams, about how the District Council has dealt with complaints against two Councillors who its had been alleged had breached the Councillors’ Code of Conduct. In these matters Councillor Eileen Wragg had been found to have been in breach, whilst Councillor Phil Twiss had not.

Councillor Eileen Wragg’s alleged misdemeanour? She wrote to a local newspaper complaining that EDDC Deputy Chief Executive Richard Cohen was incompetent. Mmmmn!

Councillor Phil Twiss’ alleged misdemeanour? He referred the fact that a member of the public had posted on Councillor Claire Wright’s blog that there should be a cull of Conservative Councillors. Councillor Twiss reported Councillor Claire Wright to Devon and Cornwall Police’s Cyber Crime Unit for this. For the record Devon and Cornwall Police determined that no action was required against Councillor Wright.

So, let this be a lesson for any of you budding EDDC Councillors out there. If you write to the local newspaper criticising senior staff you are in the wrong. If, like Councillor Twiss you report someone to the Police for making an every day, and popular sentiment in many parts of EDDC electorate, on your blog, then that’s all right.

Clearly, EDDC sees nothing wrong in its Councillors playing dirty politics. So, Councillor Twiss was given the green light for trying to damage a political opponent.

Twiss and shout? I should think so! Sad how those elected, and unelected, at the heart of EDDC play fast and loose with our democracy.

Still, 7 May is looming fast. Electors need to remember that there is power in marking X on their ballot papers. New Councillors, new politics, new management of EDDC. All worth voting for!

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