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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Twiss and Shout - Clr Twiss odds on favourite to see Inspector Knacker

Congratulations to #EDDC Councillor Phil Twiss who has managed to turn a satirical but heart felt comment posted by a member of the public on Councillor Claire Wright’s blog a week ago into an on going local, and now regional, story!

What started out as a crude attempt to not only silence Claire Wright, her effective and informative blog, and her by Councillor Twiss’ has now turned to bite him on know where.

Due to Councillor Twiss’ actions the member of the public’s comment (which to use Councillor Twiss’ description of it was “threatening and highly offensive”) about removing (culling) Conservative councillors at the next election because of their appalling handling of #knowlegate, and other controversial matters has provided it with the oxygen of publicity.

So now this week two Regional newspapers – the Western Morning News and the Exeter Express and Echo – have run the story. And both papers’ reports use the word “cull”. You just can’t get away from it!

 In the spirit of providing a public service I have opened a book on which Councillor, Twiss or Wright, will have Inspector Knacker of the Yard (apologies to Private Eye) knocking on their door first. Will Councillor Twiss be taken away in shackles for wasting police time (a valuable and overstretched resource) or will Councillor Wright have her collar felt for facilitating “threatening and highly offensive” comments (or robust political language) about her erstwhile #EDDC Conservative councillors?

 At this moment Councillor Twiss is odds on favourite in these stakes.  

If you haven’t read the Western Morning News or the Exeter Express and Echo reports here are the links -

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