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Friday, 5 December 2014

Knowlegate - Clr Diviani fails the public reaction test!

This is how local people who exchange views on local topical issues via Streetlife which is promoted by the Sidmouth Herald today see the latest developments in #knowlegate. Clearly Paul 'Jung Kim-Un' Diviani has a long way to go to restore trust and confidence in #EDDC Conservatives. So it's not just that minx Councillor Claire Wright who is incredulous about how they are dealing with #knowlegate.

Paul Diviani E.D.D.C. Radio Devon - Knowle

He did himself no favours........

I want to know how much the Knowle is valued at and why this information is sensitive, if you go to an auction you want the highest price as an asset.

Also, with the Government stating more Public Sector cuts, it may be worth staying in the new part of the Knowle as two sites may be too large in the long term.

He stated that the price has dropped......surely if the value of your property hold onto it until the price rises....if not you are selling at a bargain and the only person who makes a lot of money is a developer who purchasers low and puts it to his land bank.

After listening to his interview...I want the Knowle to stay until the land prices rises at least!

Real Sidmouthian
Yes indeed! Wait until it's a better price then they can build themselves some lovely new offices.
Old Boot
I unfortunately missed the interview, LW, I hope it is repeated. Your comments make sense to me though. As I understand it, £3/4million already spent on just making decisions! How can decisions (or indecisions!) cost this much?
I now think it should remain at the new part of the Knowle until residential land rises and we get the best price in a good market...not a sale in a falling market.

Who makes these decisions?

Free and open for all of to have an opportunity to buy not just a few... The money spent on this  is beyond belief....if it was a private firm who had made the wrong decisions and wasted the money...they would be out of the business.

We just keep voting for them!  With further cutbacks in public services you may find that the two sites may be over capacity...crazy...
I would suggest they refurbish the newer part of the Knowle - after all it is a lot younger than the proposed Exmouth offices, so can't need that much work.
Then sell off the old part of the Knowle and the bits of the grounds where they already proposed to build some new housing. The proceeds from that sale would help towards the refurbishment of the existing newer offices.
Keep the business centre in Honiton open and keep the rents coming from there and wait until a good market time to sell it off for development.
Sell the Manstone depot to a housing association for affordable homes.
Paul L
I would like to know where the staff being relocated to Exmouth town hall are going to park, last time I was there parking was very limited

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