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Friday, 5 June 2015

Now Councillor Diviani is miffed with East Devon's electors

Credit to Save Our Sidmouth for valiantly listening yesterday to East Devon District Council (EDDC) Leader Paul “Kim Jong Un” Diviani on BBC Radio Devon yesterday where another of those BBC “leftie” radio interviewers followed up on the story from the evening before of the EDDC vote on the proposition from the East Devon Alliance (EDA) Councillors that the sale of, and relocation from the Knowle should be postponed.

Save Our Sidmouth report on the radio interview with “Kim” Diviani and the EDA’s Councillor Cathy Gardner thus –

Cllr Diviani “a bit miffed” with the electorate?

Radio Devon’s Simon Bates had this impression, in his interview this morning with Councillors Cathy Gardner and Paul Diviani, following last night’s Extraordinary Council Meeting to debate relocation (link given below), at which SOS was present.

Link to this morning’s Radio Devon interview here: – the relevant debate is between 01:06:03 to 01:14:59.

Zorro is right in observing that Councillor “Kim” Diviani really doesn’t like the fact that a large number of East Devon’s electorate are not toeing his Party’s line. Oh dear Councillor Diviani, democracy hurts doesn’t it!

It’s still time for challenge!

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