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Monday, 4 May 2015

East Devon a "safe Conservative seat"? Daily Telegraph disagrees!

For what Conservative candidate Hugo Swire calls a "safe seat" for the Party, East Devon's Independent candidate Claire Wright has attracted her fair share of reasons as to why she should feel positive about taking the seat from him on polling day.

The Labour candidate Steve Race seems, from his Twitter account, to spend all his time campaigning for other Labour candidates in other seats. As Zorro commented about him early in the campaign, he's not a serious contender. but then neither is the Liberal Democrat candidate who is equally as invisible across East Devon. The problem however that having both their names on the ballot paper is that  they can attract anti - Conservative votes. These are ones that could bolster Claire Wright's tally .

But the bigger positive reasons for Claire Wright's expectations to cause a major upset on 7 May come from the press and media coverage. She has been gathering more and more coverage as her campaign has blossomed. Now, the high priest of Conservatism, the Daily Telegraph, has today written about how she could cause a major political upset. The Telegraph's piece is at -

And don't forget Claire Wright's odds are widely quoted at major bookies. She is now quotes at 9/2 to win.

All great odds and great press coverage for someone who Hugo Swire and East Devon Conservatives have been all too keen to dismiss and attack in equal measure. Be clear; they are worried. They are rattled. Not just by Claire Wright but by the credible and significant challenge to the Conservative majority on the District Council from the East Devon Alliance of Independent candidates.

Come 7 May East Devon is highly likely to hit the political headlines for good reason. The Conservative "safe seat" is about to disappear into the annals of history!

It's time for challenge! It's time for change!

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