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Monday, 27 April 2015

Zorro forces change to East Devon Conservatives & Hugo Swire websites!

STOP PRESS! East Devon Conservative Party & their general election candidate Hugo Swire make a change to their websites!

As Zorro has recently pointed out both of their websites are poor, ineffectual and in some parts inaccurate. None of that however has changed! What has changed is that both websites have woken up to the fact that electors can have postal votes (an issue not mentioned until now) and that these need to be completed and return now.

So both websites now have the same Conservative corporate message to electors – “The election is too close to call send your postal vote back to make sure your vote counts”.

Very significant change to East Devon Conservatives & Hugo Swire's websites!
Zorro congratulates both the East Devon Conservative Party and Hugo Swire on getting their website updated (in one part at least). What about turning your attentions to the rest of your websites as they are in real need of updating?

Zorro is an immodest man and is claiming the credit for even this small step in the changes made to the East Devon Conservative Party and Hugo Swire websites!

It’s time for challenge! It’s time for change!

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