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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Tonight's EDDC Council meeting - Tories to kill off the Knowle

The conclusion to the farcical saga that has been East Devon District Council’s majority Conservative group’s determination to sell its Headquarters site, and related land, at the Knowle in Sidmouth and to relocate to split site offices in Honiton and Exmouth comes to its conclusion this evening.
East Devon District Council. Run in who's interests?
The Conservative group have steadfastly ignored the very public arguments from residents and the non Conservative group of Councillors not to sell off the Knowle, and certainly not to make a formal decision to do so this side of the District Council elections on 7 May.

EDDC Headquarters, the Knowle. Going, going.....
Zorro suspects that Council Leader Paul Diviani and his coterie of Conservative Councillors realise that they will suffer a significant political cull on 7 May and have arrogantly decided to ensure that one of their last collective acts will be to flout public opinion and vote tonight to offload the Knowle site.

EDC Leader Clr Paul Diviani. No one voted for him in last election
Tonight’s Extra Ordinary meeting of the Council has on its agenda a single agenda item for consideration “Office Relocation”. Under this item the Council is asked to approve sets of recommendations, which all amount to the sale of the Knowle site and the relocation of the Council to both Honiton and Exmouth. The sets of recommendations arise out of the Cabinet meeting held on 11 March and the joint meetings of the Audit & Governance Committee and the Overview & Scrutiny Committee held on 12 March.

Tonight’s Council agenda is here –

The minutes of the joint meetings of the Audit & Governance Committee and the Overview & Scrutiny Committee are here –

If as everyone expects will happen the Conservative battalions are brought into fall in line with the decisions that the Conservative controlled Cabinet, the Audit & Governance Committee and the Overview & Scrutiny Committee have already made, these will fly in the face of significant public opposition. Hence one of the reasons why East Devon Alliance has determined to challenge the Conservatives at the polls on election day.
EDA. Putting up a real challenge to Conservatives on 7 May
The East Devon Conservatives will soon pay the price for their political arrogance, but not before they have abused their elected roles and created much damage across the District Council.

Ballot box. How to enact a political cull

It’s time for change! It’s time for challenge!

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