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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The joke must be on Hugo Swire

Oh the embarrassment of having Hugo Swire as the local MP, and a Minister of the Crown too!

Today’s Express & Echo covers East Devon incumbent Conservative MP’s “joke” with heading - Video: East Devon MP Hugo Swire filmed making jokes about people on benefits at Conservative fundraiser.
Luxury cars. Hugo says they were affordable on the old MP's expenses

Greece. Hugo demeaned the nation to increase the bidding at fundraiser
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Whilst today’s Western Morning News covers the story with the headline 'Out-of-touch' Devon MP criticised for benefits joke.

So, to raise money for the Conservative Party to fight the general and District Council elections local MP Hugo Swire feels that it’s alright to denigrate the Greek people and UK benefit recipients. As long as the money keeps rolling into Party coffers, who cares!

East Devon MP Hugo Swire. Electors can alter that on 7 May
It’s time to go Hugo!

Ballot box. The voters' revenge

It’s time for change! It’s time for challenge!

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