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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Sky News records East Devon's next & Independent MP on election trail

What's It Like To Be An Independent Standing In The General Election?

That’s the name of a 10 minute video filmed for Sky News recently and now available to watch. The film follows a handful of people on the campaign trail as Independent candidates. One of these Independent hopefuls is Claire Wright standing in the East Devon Constituency. Zorro recently reported about Claire’s time with the reporter who filmed as she canvassed local electors.
Claire Wright. Being filmed for Sky News.
In this film Claire Wright can be seen in a two minute slot that starts at about 5 minutes 48 seconds into the piece -

The film is worth watching as Claire Wright comes across very natural and self effacing, which are great characteristics in any potential MP. The genuine enthusiasm and hard work that Claire Wright and her campaign team are putting into this high profile campaign comes across.
Claire Wright. Out on the campaign trail across East Devon.

Peter Stringfellow. "Gentlemens Club" owner & Conservative Party funder.
And Claire Wright is doing this on a political financial shoestring at just around £10,000. Claire Wright’s funds don’t come from large wealthy backers or from large well financed political parties, but from hundreds of concerned individuals who are desperate for change in East Devon. Claire Wright hasn’t insulted the Greek nation in her quest to raise political funds, unlike Hugo Swire who recently did at the lavish Conservative Party Black & White Ball fund raising event in London (see Zorro’s tweets).
Grosvenor House Hotel London. Venue - Conservative Party Black & White Ball fundraiser.
Make a financial contribution – if you want to contribute towards Claire Wright’s election campaign fund it is very easy to do so. Just open this link and have your bank card details to hand. It only takes a minute or two to do
Since this piece was filmed Claire Wright’s odds at Ladbrokes have yet again improved. She is now 9/2 to win. This is great news given that, according to our incumbent errant Conservative MP Hugo Swire, writing recently in the Express & Echo newspaper as he tried (unsuccessfully) to demean Claire Wright’s candidature by saying “there are the occasional independent candidates that pop up every now and then and think they can change the world”.

Also in the paper Hugo Swire tried to dismiss Claire Wright’s worth by also saying “My own independent candidate (Claire Wright 9/2 to win) is full of sound and fury.... any other vote for any other party or independent will bring chaos...”

Take two minutes to watch the candidate, who according to the man who is sleepwalking to defeat on 7 May, will bring chaos to East Devon! Of course Hugo and his East Devon District Council Conservative colleagues haven’t already done that have they?!
It’s time for change! It’s time for challenge!

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