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Thursday, 12 March 2015

How to be a Conservative councillor and live abroad

Some Councillors clearly believe that living in the place where they are an elected representative is not necessary.

Last month the BBC reported the story of Conservative Devon County Councillor Eve Barisic who is an elected representative in Newton Abbot and who actually lives in Roscoff, France, a commute of more than 150 miles (240km) by ferry and road. In the last financial year she claimed her attendance allowance of £10,000 along with £476 travelling and subsistence expenses and a carer's allowance of £195!
Conservative Councillor Eve Barisic. Clearly happy living in Roscoff, France
As if that isn’t all bad enough the Conservative leader on Devon County Council, John Hart, said any councillor's personal circumstances could change during a four-year term. "Eve is available to her constituents by email and phone and is in her ward regularly for face to face meetings" he said. "She has assured me she can continue to serve her electors. I believe it is right to give her that opportunity."

That’s all ok then. Councillor Eve Barisic is happy with her lot and the leader of her Conservative group on Devon County Council clearly sees nothing wrong with living in France and representing electors in Newton Abbot! Zorro must have a very different moral compass to these two.

In case you don’t believe this, check out the story on the BBC website –

Zorro’s moral compass is clearly not working properly as another Conservative Councillor; this time one who represents electors on Suffolk County Council believes that he can and should be able to live in North Carolina in the USA, some 4,000 miles away!

This time it’s Brian Riley, a Conservative Suffolk County Councillor for Hadleigh. He is moving to North Carolina but is refusing to stand down from his role, insisting he can do the job from almost 4,000 miles away.

Conservative Councillor Brain Riley & family. Ecstatic about being able to live in North Carolina, USA

But the emigrating councillor cannot be forced to resign from his role, which includes a £10,000-a-year allowance, as legally he is only required to attend one meeting every six months. He told the East Anglian Daily Times he intended to use email and Skype to continue in his role as he plans to visit Suffolk on a regular basis!

Again, if you can’t believe the sheer arrogance of this man then check out the story at:
East Anglian Daily Times website –
B BC website –

That’s ok then Mr Riley, the tax payers of Suffolk will pay for your jaunts to and from your new home in America.

Zorro has no time for elected representatives who abuse the trust of their electors in such blatant ways, but muses whether France or America might be places that a few local Councillors might want to consider fleeing to. Please!

It’s time for change! It’s time for challenge!

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