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Friday, 6 February 2015

The locals are revolting online

Oh dear, oh dear! The local’s are revolting! The latest extracts from Sidmouth Herald’s online Streetlife chat room gives a flavour of how local residents are feeling about matters of local interest.

 From this morning’s trawl trough Streetlife we see support being expressed for East Devon District Council hopefuls East Devon Alliance (EDA) and further criticism of the sale of the Knowle and surrounding land.

It is worth signing up to Streetlife as this is an open non partisan site which allows residents to freely express their thoughts about local matters, big and small. It therefore often shows the exchange of local opinion on matters.

 The latest exchanges on these issues are all posted below –

I have been waiting for news like this .....................



Local Conversations in Sidmouth

I noticed this on Save Our Sidmouth
and went to check it up at the Herald.

They want to 'appropriate land' to use as part of the housing development. This land is currently designated as open space. Surely this was all sorted out with the planning application? They were told that open space had to be kept as that so now they are trying to give it a different designation and hoping no-one will notice.

It is not listed under planning on the EDDC site and the site search returns nothing for the ref given in the Herald. It says that objections must be made to the Legal Department but I can't find anything about that on the site either.

More tricks and 'abuse of the system'.

Yeah - this planning malarky is open to all sorts of abuse.

Are there not relevant notices pinned to trees or something up there?

The sooner they bugger off to Honiton the better!

Yes, Barnacle Bill, need to change things at EDDC, but not at our expense! Miscalculations of costs of move from Knowle are flagged up on  Cheaper option might be to vote for the new Independent candidates supported by the East Devon Alliance

I'm with: Save Our Sidmouth

Oh I'll be doing that alright Jackie G - there is a feeling of sea-change around now and I genuinely think it is time to put these arrogant Tories (MPs and Councilors) out to grass for a while. 

Save our Sidmouth have now got details of the land which EDDC wants to relabel.

It makes you wonder all sorts of things like,
1) how did they come to include this land in their planning application last year if it is designated open space?
2) if this is open space then presumably they built the car parks on open space, was this made clear in the planning applications for the car parks?
3) if the 'grass' car park was done like that as it is open space then how can it now be considered 'brown site' and free to be built on?
4) as it was established last year that Sidmouth is not over provided with open space how do they justify land grabbing the upper terraces of the formal gardens on the south?
5) if open space is supposed to give protection against high density building and allow wildlife corridors then how do they justify removing it along boundaries with houses on Knowle Drive?
5) how far are they willing to go in wrecking a place which is important to Sidmouth and wildlife (most importantly for me, rare bats ) in order to pursue a vanity project which hasn't been properly costed?

I urge you all to read the stuff on SOS and to write to the EDDC. Once this land is appropriated it is gone forever, there is no going back.

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