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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Political motivation keeps EDDCLocal Plan hidden

It has become increasingly depressing to read about the continuing failure by East Devon District Council, under the appalling “leadership” of Councillor Paul Diviani, to deliver not just a realistic District Local Plan, but frankly any Local Plan!

 Zorro recalls that the District Council presented its Local Plan to a government inspector a year ago only to be told to go away and try and do it again because it had “serious failings” in it. Why did it have “serious failings”? The answer is because the District Council had not properly considered the number of new homes required in the region.

The new homes projections for the region were being drawn up in conjunction with several other local authorities including Exeter, Mid Devon and Teignbridge.

So, where are we at now with our Local Plan? According to Paul “Kim Jong Un” Diviani the District Council had envisaged being able to take the revised plan before councillors in March or early April. However.............Councillor Diviani says that cannot happen. And the reason why it can’t happen then is because of the forthcoming elections!

And what difference do the elections in May (NB: Zorro is convinced the date has been known about for a little while!) make to the ability for the Councillors to see the Local Plan? According to “Kim” “...there is concern that the process (presenting the Plan to Councillors ahead of elections) could be seen as politically motivated, which would overshadow the soundness of the Plan”.

Is this the same Plan that relies upon data about the number of new homes that are required in the region? Is this the data that was being drawn up with other local authorities? Was one of these authorities Mid Devon? Is this the same Mid Devon authority that has just published its own Local Plan? See East Devon Watch’s posting -

North Korea aka East Devon District Council
Mid Devon District Council

“Could be seen as politically motivated”? Come off it Councillor Diviani! If Mid Devon can produce its Local Plan ahead of May’s elections so can East Devon 

What Councillor Diviani really means is that the Local Plan will upset too many local electors and so a “politically motivated” decision has been taken not to release it this side of the elections so that voters won’t punish East Devon Conservatives and incumbent MP Hugo Swire so hard at the polls. I suspect that this rouse won’t help any of you!

Councillor Diviani, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un would be proud of you! Your electors probably won't be!

Kim Jong Un
Councillor Paul Diviani
Save Our Sidmouth carries severe criticism of the District Council’s delay by planning revered consultant Charlie Hopkins

It’s time for change! It’s time for challenge!

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