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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Twiss and Shout - police offer Clr Twiss words of advice

So much is happening in the murky world of #EDDC politics it is hard to catch up and to comment upon it all. So, here I am trying to round off the latest developments in Councillor Twiss’ clumsy attempt to try to cause electoral and political damage to Claire Wright and her parliamentary ambitions at the next election.

The story of Councillor’s Twiss’ ludicrous reaction to a member of the public’s comment about “culling” Tory politicians on Claire Wright’s blog was reported in the Exeter Express and Echo and the Western Morning News newspapers. It also then was covered in the Sidmouth Herald -

It soon became apparent that Councillor Twiss was worried that a random comment about culling Tory politicians would lead to #EDDC Councillors being attacked. He appeared to envisage the good burghers of East Devon losing all will power, control and good sense and going hunting down Councillor Twiss and his motley crew of Conservative #EDDC Councillors! Or so he explained in a letter to a voter who took him to task for his ridiculous reactions to Claire Wright’s blog.

Councillor Twiss worried about the violence meted out to a Tory Councillor in Coventry as reported in the Coventry Telegraph – Clearly violence is not to be condoned, but get real Councillor Twiss! No one surely, well anyone who isn’t either paranoid or who is desperate to cover up an act of political vandalism that claiming Claire Wright’s blog had breached the Malicious Communications Act obviously was, would try to link the two things!!

A hat tip to my good friends at East Devon Alliance for originally reporting this aspect of the story -

Here we are several weeks on from a simple throw away comment that was put on Claire Wright’s blog, but not by her. Here we are, having had Claire Wright reported to Inspector Knacker, who must be rather busy trying to catch criminals to have to worry about Councillor Twiss’ paranoia. Here we are, with the story gaining coverage by the day. So, what is the current position?

Well, totally unsurprisingly two things have happened.

Firstly, the local constabulary have decided to do nothing with the political complaint lodged by Councillor Twiss. Shame they didn’t warn him about wasting police time, but there again maybe they did! It appears that “Officers from the force’s neighbourhood team spoke to the reporting person and offered words of advice. Err...perhaps “stop playing dirty politics and wasting our time” was what they actually said.

Claire Wright reported all of this on her blog –

Secondly, Councillor Twiss is totally unrepentant! He is reported by the Sidmouth Herald as having said, once the police took no action, “I make no apology for this apparently uncompromising position”. What else did you expect him to say!

Who comes out of all of this best? It has to be Claire Wright who has, as always, showed dignity and professional in the face of yet another dirty #EDDC Conservative attempt to derail her successful general election campaign. Clearly it isn’t Councillor Twiss.

If you were a proper gentleman Councillor Twiss you would admit that you made a grave error of judgement! You would accept that your dirty political act backfired spectacularly on you and your #EDDC Conservative Councillors.

None the less, Claire Wright will no doubt be sat there waiting for the next political rock to be thrown her way by #EDDC Conservatives. It will come sadly as sure as night follows day.

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