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Monday, 18 May 2015

Unelected EDDC Conservative candidates' comments - local people hit back

Following on from the previous posting about how some of the defeated Conservative candidates in the East Devon District Council elections have hit out at the electors for, as one failed candidate said “betraying” them, Zorro shares the conversation thread that has taken place since the Sidmouth Herald article, published on 15 May, that contained the ungallant comments of some of these Conservative ex-Councillors. The full Sidmouth Herald article can be viewed at –

This conversation thread has been taking place on the Sidmouth Herald’s online Streetlife pages and reflects how a number of electors have responded to the arrogance of those defeated through the democracy that is the ballot box. To follow the ongoing conversation thread, go to –


Local Conversations in Bulverton

Let’s give all the new Councillors a chance and support them......I am pleased there is a change...never thought it would happen in Sidmouth...makes all realize is not a one horse race now!

I particularly think the Independents (including the ones who are just standing alone) who give their time for the Town Council are in it to do their best for Sidmouth.

I came across Matt Coppell in Ottery St Mary and did not know who he was....just cycling as we were driving...lovely man and congratulations to Roger Giles who increased his majority, there. Many congrats to all the new ones: Michael Earthey, John Rayson and Louise Cole etc. etc. and the East Devon Alliance.

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Best of luck to them - I'm sure they'll work hard on behalf of those that have given them this chance.

Sidmouth town council results were very refreshing.

Great news about the clear out - just a pity we didn't go the extra mile.
Good luck to them all - l think they may need it.

I have read and re-read the double page spread in the SH. I'm disgusted at the attitude of the outgoing conservative Councillors. I voted for one of them, I am questioning my error of judgement. What a bombastic and arrogant bunch. Christine Drew "they used to say if you put a blue ribbon a donkey it would be elected in Sudbury" Sheila Kerridge " I think the people of Sidmouth are going to feel a bit foolish" . Just who do these people think they are. Just to remind them - the people of Sidmouth vote for the person, party Tec that they think best represents them and their views. You need to work for and not play lip service to the electorate. You know well as the rest of us it's not just the Knowle

It's alright. The new Cllrs will be able to sort everything out. Just wait and see when all six of them turn up to vote against the.....oh dear, 37 conservatives.....hmmm.

Yep - not much hope is there?

Barnacle Bill

Would you thought it would happen?

It must have been a nasty shock for some, I think most thought been there ages get the support.  

Landslides start with just one tiny stone. It wont happen overnight, but this might be the start of something bigger.

I think it is good for ANY organisation to have a changeover of councillors/committee members/chairmen at intervals, to prevent it becoming ossified and self-elected. Six new members among 37 existing ones doesn't seem enough change.

It's a lot less than they were promising and predicting. I hope they don't hang Sidmouth out to dry now :-(

Couldn't agree more, the remark that got me was 'I won't stand again, you only get to reject me once' . Strikes me Anne Liverton needs counselling for dealing with rejection.
People also have to learn that it is not necessarily them personally but what they represent that is being voted against. Having said that as people they have showed that their attitude is still 'arrogant' in defeat. You get what you give, comes to mind.

It just shows that they have never had a comprehension of democracy.

Makes you wonder why they ever stood!

How very odd, did I see a overwhelming sense of entitlement amongst many of the outgoing councillors? Why would there be a guarantee to be re-elected based on past achievements? Criticising the electorate is not going to go down well, criticising the "we, the people" had just one local topic in mind means only one thing:

If you the candidate didn't participate in the discussion, didn't listen to what matters to local people, didn't say ANYTHING EVER about that very topic, then you deserve to ousted. Full stop.

"You only reject me once">> I mean, come on, get real. How can she speak like this?
"They will feel foolish" >> Sorry, have you lost it?

I think many have simply been for far too long in the job, did I see that one has been a councillor for 30+ years? (Has he never worked for his living?)

You're so right Bill.  I think they were so ensconced in their positions that the possibility they would not be re-elected never entered their minds.  Thank heavens for democracy eh?

Still on the subject of the elections but the national one this time, have any of you seen the Sky News General Affection Song?  If you haven't, check it out on YouTube - it's hilarious!  I would add one of those fancy links here but I don't know how to!

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